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It’s Time to End the Coronavirus scare for Good.

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About Us

Rise Against Fear/ A Safer Living

About Us

Born in an Hour of Crisis

It was a pandemic that finally got us like minded entrepreneurs to set off on this journey, but a long-standing dream to serve our community meaningfully – that’s the real glue holding us together. When every last one of us feels safe and secure at our homes, schools, offices or parks, that’s when we would have realized our vision – a world even better than the one that we got locked out from.


For us, the Big Picture has always been about setting mankind free of the ‘Fear of Pandemic’ that grips us and comes in the way of exploring life in all its possibilities. And this we believe is possible only by providing quality health and sanitary solutions that empower people to face any threat to life with confidence and faith.

Pillars of Foundation:
  • Integrity: Unshaken and driven by quality living
  • Quality: Consistent and uncompromising in the face of distress
  • Responsibility: Towards every life, community and race

To build a market that makes accessible the essential medical supplies and services to the government, health departments and communities.

  • At the Right Time
  • At the Right Price
  • At the Right Quality